Depending on which postcard mailer you select your pricing may vary. Please see the chart below for estimated program costs:
6" x 9" Target Mail Postcard 10-14 days* $0.99/each 500-pieces
4" x 6" Emergency Storm Postcard 2-3 days $0.95/each 500-pieces
A processing fee of $17.50 will be added to ALL Target Mail and Storm Postcard orders.

Additional Optional Program Fees:
One-time Logo Fee: $35 — once logo is provided we will store it on file for future use.
HMV or HHI Criteria: $25/ea — if you would like to target affluent homeowners.
Data Processing: $150-$300 — if you would like use a self-submitted mail list
Custom Artwork: $150-$750 — if you require the development of a custom mailer

*If you need to send a 6” x 9” Target Mail postcard First Class Mail, so it arrives right away, just contact us regarding the mail delivery dates and increased postage rates.
Even if you plan on doing your own mailing, you may be in need of list assistance. Simply, tell us the zip code or provide a current work site address, and we do the rest of the work to assure that you have a quality list!
We only select home "owners" who reside in 10+ year old homes -- NO apartments, renters, or commercial businesses (unless you select the Low-Slope Commercial Postcard Version #R003). List Only pricing is 33-cents per name and will be provided in an excel file via email. Minimum order is 300 names.
Phone numbers are also available, but you must first fill out an online application with the National Do Not Call Registration: In order to supply phone numbers, we must receive your Organization ID#, Representative Password and Download Password. All of these instructions are clearly outlined on the National Do Not Call Order Form. We may also need you to sign-off on a DNC Authorization Form from our list source provider stating you are responsible and in compliance with all Federal and State Do Not Call laws and regulations.
Names, addresses and phone numbers (if requested) are sent to you via email or on CD in a Target Mail Confirmation Kit after your mailing has been completed. You will also be sent a list of handy tips for future follow-up.